Contract Search

This is a customized daily search into all the public sector tenders in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) that are issued daily, together with other national web sites dedicated to advertising large and small contracts.

We would obtain a bespoke business search profile from you to enable us to search intelligently to your exact needs.

We would conduct a daily search on your behalf, seeking clarification from the public sector organisation where necessary, before forwarding any notifications to you.

There are organizations that do searches at present, but most are automated and you would get a number of tender opportunities which you would have to filter through every day prior to deciding if any contract is suitable to your target market.

Our search process differs from the majority of other searches in that you only see contract notices that you will be able to compete for, thus saving time and energy.

Advantages of our Contract Search Service

  • Customized bespoke service
  • No Minimum term
  • No up front fee
  • Pay monthly

Charge: £50 per month